Emporio Armani YOU #becauseitsyou #strongerwithyou Perfume campaign

*Special thanks to flower shop Amaryllis and gorgeous Ajla
*Huge special thanks to talented Jasmin who was behind the camera for this project



Dream, climbing up on a rooftop. Dream, of a city. Of a city that makes you happy, that makes you calm, that makes u excited, that shows you it’s worst part in best way. Imagine it’s smell, and the way it makes you feel like, imagine a hand that holds yours. That holds you strong, but gentle in the same time. Imagine eyes, eyes so shiny and inocent. Imagine a heart, a heart that loves YOU with every beat.


Now wake up. Was it really a dream ?




Strenght is not something you can learn. Growing strenght comes with experience, with moments, with life, and it comes with a person. My strenght was never a choice i made myself on purpose, especialy strenght of love.
Beeing strong to love someone, and beeing strong to give all of yourself to someone, you find special, does not build up, you never have answer, no matter how hard you try, you never know will your next step be the right one, but BECAUSE OF THAT ONE, SPECIAL PERSON, IT WORTHS BEEING STRONG.


Our five years of love, passed really quickly, and we lived our moments shaping each other, learning each others habbits, living with good and the bad.
He changed me, and I changed him, he made me stronger, he made me stabile, he made me realize who I am, and the most important thing is that he made me love and belive myself. He had faith when I didn’t.


If you ask me, love is about realising when two souls find each other. Ours truly did, because, these souls are best friends, companios, partners. He is my first and last call every day, he makes me laugh, he is the one i go to when I cry. He is my joy and my consolation. With him by my side I become emotionaly stronger and create the best version of myself,every day, and in this imposibly fast world everyone wants to try their best, and everyone at the end of the day wants only one thing… to be stronger with someone, to have a companion on a pillow to share taughts, moments, life, TO TAKE ONE WAY TICKET IN SAME DIRECTION!


We are a couple that grew up together, that became stronger together, and we are a perfect match. Ofcourse, we don’t agree over some things in life, but we understand each of our taught, and we accept it. When love is blind, there is intellect to lead us, and in this relationship I found out, that only with Burak I can always be me, even when I dont have strenght for some things, he is there to hold me, and to make a spectacle out of every moment we spend together, looking in the same direction, building ourselves together.


Together, we made this campain in a city that brought us together, that brought two continents together. Faith is something that makes souls recognize each other, even tough they are from two different parts of the world. We haven’t spoke each others language when we first saw each other, we haven’t had same coulture, same customs, same way of life, but somehow we made our own path, we made the middle. We took that one way ticket, and as days are passing we can’t be more happier because of that one great choice we made. We allowed our souls to lead us, to make us dance on the rain, and to watch the stars on the port while waiting for dawn and a ship to come and get us from that island we got stuck on.


Together, with Emporio Armani, we celebrated idea about two people bounded together, that idea created new fragnance for him and her, to accompany their love story, their commitment to each other and to brand itself.
New fragnances called “Because of you” and “Stronger with you” are created within a personal Georgio Armani story and they celebrate unity of two people.


The bottle is made simbolicly with a cap that has two rings that interwine together.  Both of the fragnances are sweet and very plesant, they are good for everyday use. They are not too light, but not to heavy as well, they are middle, just like the good and stabile relationships are.

 “I love things that age well – things that don’t date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best. ” –   Giorgio Armani


6 thoughts on “Emporio Armani YOU #becauseitsyou #strongerwithyou Perfume campaign

    1. Naravno. Zaista mi je žao što sam svojim čitateljima priuštila par gramatičkih grešaka. Nije opravdanje, ali post je pisan u 3 sata ujutro sa koncentracijom u minus beskonačno. Zaista se izvinjavam, sve će biti ispravljeno u toku dana. Pozdrav i hvala što si došla na moj blog, makar to bilo samo zbog toga da vidiš gdje sam pogriješila.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nisam došla na tvoj blog s tom namjerom, već zato što te duže vrijeme pratim na instagramu i super si mi. Komentar je bio dobronamjeran, žao mi je ako si ga pogrešno protumačila. ☺


  1. Bravo za vas dvoje.Svaka čast. S A V R Š E N O !!! Sve prelijepo urađeno,slike oduševljavaju.Bravo,bravooooo.Pozdrav iz Tuzle.😘😘😘


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